Sales Name not mapped into Targit.

Hello all,

I have a dashboard showing sales by individual sales managers based on their name.

How ever one name is just not pulling through to Targit. It showing in the report as #N/A. I have searched for his name in the criteria and the name does not show up.

The other fields related to his name i.e "Sales responsible EMPLID" shows up and so does the the "Sales Responsible ID". But the "Sales Responsible Name" does not appear. All of his sales are mapped to #N/A.

Does any one have any ideas as to why or how to re link it in targit ? 


Any help or ideas would be appreciated. 



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  • Hi James,

    This can be contributed to many things. Likely something to do with your source data and how they have been related to each other in your Data Warehouse.

    Where I would put my efforts first, would be at looking at your table relations. Somewhere you have a fact table containing sales measures like 'Revenue' etc. Each transaction also contains salespersons information, potentially only as a salesperson ID.

    The salesperson names are probably stored in a separate dimension table, linked from the fact table by the salesperson ID.

    In your case, the missing salesperson is only represented by the salesperson ID in the fact table. The "Sales responsible EMPLID" and "Sales Responsible ID" dimensions may both have been designed from the ID in this table.

    In the related dimension table, this salesperson's ID (and name) is missing. It is common data warehousing discipline to then attribute these data to a category like "N/A".

    So, you should probably somehow check if this salesperson has been correctly registered in all places in your source system(s). When potentially corrected, the data should be attributed to the correct salesperson name.

    BR / Ole


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