Using Color Agents when User dimension is present.

I am using a user dimension to compare MTD vs PYMTD and I want to color the background of any MTD values that are less than PYMTD values. When I do this it colors the MTD and PYMTD values.


This is the condition I am using sum(d-1, 0, m1) > sum(d-2, 0, m1)



  • Hi Josh

    Im not sure what you mean? Can you show a screenshot?

    Does it colors the wrong cells? (then it will be the condition)

    Or does et color the numbers instead of the background? (then it is the properties of the coloragent)

    Or do you wish to color the full row instead of just the background of the values? Then I think it is a feature request like this:

    Or maybe you mean something completely different :) 

  • I only want the MTD value to highlight red if it is less than PYMTD.


    Here is the Crosstab and how I have it setup. 

  • Okay, so your condition works just fine but it colors both columns instead of just coloring MTD?

    I think it is because when creating the color agent you have to choose the measure and cant just point at a specific column. And the measure is both columns.

    I dont think I know a solution for this. It would work if MTD and revenue were two separate measures or calculated columns, and not the same measure shown for two categories of a dimension.

    Maybe someone else have a solution. Otherwise you could create a transport column and copy PYMTD revenue to this column and then hide the original column.   

  • Thank You Louise! I am still a rookie so any help is appreciated.


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