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Hi everyone,

this forum has helped me a lot before, thanks for sharing your knowledge! This is my first post:
I'm trying to highlight entries in a column based on their text. We have several products that can have different article numbers. So i added a comparison in order to summarize them: article-number22, article-number28 and article-number43 = product1. article-number55 and article-number72 = product2.

I then built a customer table with their product sales.

Is there a way to mark all product1 in green and product2 in blue?

Kind regards and thanks a lot in advance




  • Like this?

    You can change the color of rows by rightclicking on the row:

  • Dear Marlene,

    thank you for your quick reply! Yes and no:

    I can change the Background of the row. But each product is being purchased by different customers. And I need all the different products in one color, each, for instance here all product2 in green.

    Best regards


  • Sorry I can't help in this case, but If it is possible in a way I would be interested in the solution ;)

  • maybe a rank on product (alphabetical), and then add colors to the rank measure?


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