Automate Document Upgrades

A fully automatic upgrade tool is essential to streamline the process of upgrading documents when new versions of TARGIT are released. Currently, on TARGIT Cloud, frequent weekly upgrades create a substantial workload, with the manual upgrade process requiring approximately 4-5 hours to complete for each new version released. This significant time investment is impractical, leading to a situation where we perform this task once a month or less due to the associated time constraints. Consequently, our documents remain consistently outdated, underscoring the urgent need for an efficient, automated solution.



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    Andrew Cason, Marlene Knaup, Louise Stub Hansen Thank you for bringing this up.

    In some cases when doing changes to the product - usually adding new features and rarely when making bug fixes - we might need to do structural changes to the format of the documents. Existing documents, that are impacted by the structural change, need to be converted to the new structure. This takes place when the document is opened in the new version. The reason for introducing this pop-up dialog is to minimize the risk of having documents that are very old and need to go through many conversions every time it is opened - we have seen documents that haven't been saved in many years. Doing the conversions comes with a performance penalty and with many conversions there is also an increased risk of failures.
    The reason for not doing an automatic update of all documents is that we want users to verify a successful conversion of the document before the document is saved. Once a conversion has taken place it cannot be reverted. Again, the pop-ups are only displayed when conversions are made. This isn't the case for every release and for every document.

    We will continue to monitor the impact this has on users.

  • What do you mean by "upgrading documents"? Is this just a struggle with TARGIT Cloud solution? I can't think of any reason why documents need to be upgraded in on prem version.

  • This is also present in on-premises versions. Whenever TARGIT releases an update and your administrator applies it, your documents won't automatically be upgraded to the new version. You'll continue to receive a message similar to the one below until you manually upgrade each document by opening and saving it.

  • Ok I understand. In all the companies that I work with and support, we ignore the message during/after the update. The users then save on their own when the time comes so that it is not done as part of an update by the administators. But a tool or an add-on within the installation would certainly be helpful if the messages are annoying.¬†

  • I just updated my local TARGIT server to the newest version. So I do not get these messages in every update... Maybe someone from TARGIT can help in this case.

  • Hi Andrea and Marlene

    We upgraded on-prem to november release 1 (20/11) and november release 2 (24/11) and we get the the same messages at every document. But we have the same approach as Marlene. We let the local designers get the messages and save the documents as they get to it..

    I was wondering if it is a new message that will appear from now on every time we upgrade (until every documents is saved in the new version)? Cause it is a bit annoying.. Could  be helpful if all documents could be updated with the upgrade or by a single workflow from administrators after each upgrade.

    Is it just a new message to prevent too many old files that can't be opened in later versions (like the deprecation in the 2023 versions)?


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