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I have a table with  Areas and countries and I want to be able to see the total per country at the bottom , regardless of the area . I should be able to see that by enabling the option "Multidimensional subtotal rows" ,  however that does not work. Does anyone have any idea why or how to fix it ?  Thank you in advance!



  • Hi Graca, do you mean something like this?

    My crosstab looks like this (Online Demodata cube Sales):


  • Hi Marlene. Thank you for your reply.
    Yes, that's what I am trying to achive. However, with the same type of crosstab (I have a few measures in columns as well)  and identical "Totals and subtotals" selected , I only get one row with Total Customer Territory and Total Customer Country, instead of Total Customer Territory and one row per country.


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