Bug: Rechange the shortcuts for marking multiple rows of a table

Hi TARGIT team,

since the newest TARGIT version we notices that the behaviour of selecting an area of a table changed.

It no longer behaves like the familiar standard Windows shortcut.

If you want to select an area you need to press Shift before selecting the first item. Normally you select a row, then press Shift and then select the last row.

Having more than one dimension on one axis, I can't mark multiples rows at all! The behavior of the Shift key changes depending on how many dimensions you have... This should be a bug.

Older TARGIT version: all fine


New TARGIT version: can't select multiple rows



  • Thank you Marlene, good point. 

    yet, thanks to targit. Doing the Filter Delegates. Good job. 

  • Hi Marlene

    We noticed this change in functionality as well and reported it as a bug.

    We got this answer from Development: 

    "I know, this is difficult as it is caused by the change in architecture. This change benefits all customers with the improved performance when loading dashboards, but also comes with some architectural drawbacks.

    This change was done, because we would otherwise risk having to store a selection state on the server at times and also for performance reasons. The way it works now, you don't perform a drill by the first click, since we can detect a multiselect has been initiated by 'Shift' - it makes the first selection faster."

    The problem that it is no longer possible to select multiple rows in a hierarchy or with multiple dimensions is still a bug pending development. (BUG-5839)


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