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Hi everyone,

Our users want a button for "the next day" and one for "previous day". They don't like selecting the days using a table or the criteria bar, but would rather jump from day to day. Unfortunately I can't find a way to implement this. can someone help?





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  • Hi Andre,

    I am not sure you can do exactly what your end-users request. If a dashboard is showing todays data, e.g., 24-12-2023, I assume you want the button for "Next day" to shift data to 25-12-2023 at first click, and if clicked once more it should shift data to 26-12-2023 etc.?

    As I said, I am not sure you can do this. But then again, lets see if some other creative minds might come up with a brilliant idea.

    Anyway, I have a suggestion you might otherwise consider.

    My suggestion is to use text buttons with local dynamic criteria and with "Update global criteria" triggers.

    1. Create a text button with  text "Yesterday". (And buttons for "Today" and "Tomorrow".)
    2. Add a local criteria to this button. It should be a dynamic time criteria, e.g. YMD = "Yesterday".
    3. In the text box properties, add a Trigger: Criteria, Update global criteria.
    4. When users click these buttons, they will be able to navigate among those three days relatively to today.

    Alternatively, add a global dynamic criteria "Today" to your dashboard. Also, add the 'Dynamic date origin' date selector to the criteria bar. Train your end-users (or write instructions in a text box or a mouse over in your dashboard) to shift "Today's" date with this selector.

    BR / Ole


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