Help on how to get current person rank

Hello Everyone,

Hoping you could help us on how to get the rank of the current person base on the hours they render.

Left side we have KPI that shows the Hours and Rank (a calculation rank descending rankdesc(d-1, all, m1, 0))

Right side is the top 20 person

Above is filter criteria via person

KPI has Ignore dimension via Name so we get rank each person.

Is there a way to build a calculation in visibility agent to get the current person name so we can hide the other?

We manually do it like this 

and KPI result will look like this


Is there a way to make the visibility agent dynamic or the calculation?

If we remove the ignore dimension the hours in KPI is getting the hour of current person but the rank is always 1. Is there a way to rank the column even other person are not included in the result?



  • Hi Jarone,

    First, you should add a "Benchmark" User Dimension to your data. The first half of this article tells you how to do this:

    Second, you should add a visibility agent to your object with the condition:

    • count(d1, 0, m1) = 0

    This will hide all those that has not been selected.

    Finally, using a KPI object with Title, two values and two labels, you can achieve something like this:

    BR / Ole

  • Hi Ole

    Thank you for the tip of using User Dimension Benchmark and the Calculation for the visibility agent we are able to complete the requirement we needed.


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