Support Page iterations being used for ON/OFF on pages.

    • We can add a page iteration. Would like to add a single calculation and if that calculation populates, run the page, if not, skip the page. Currently there is no support for the page not to populate at all if the iteration has no value.
    • Example use case: if this number populates (perhaps, we would make a measure that is a 1/0 flag for if a percentage exceeded some amount) then run this slide, if not, (and our measure output is empty or zero) then skip it. Right now it would run an empty page.  


  • Hi Jason,

    You can already do this.

    When you create your iteration table, then include one or more measures, e.g., Amount.

    Now you can add a visibility agent to that crosstab, e.g., hide rows where Amount < 100.

    You can even add calculations to the iteration crosstab, e.g., a calculated 'Percentage' column. Then you can base your visibility agent on the calculation, e.g., hide rows when Percentage > 25%.

    After the visibility agent has been applied, the report will only iterate those members that are still visible in the iteration crosstab.

    See this article:

    BR / Ole

  • Ok thank you  !  I appreciate it !


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