Convert table to graph with hidden rows

I need to make a bar chart and a line chart of the number of primary school students with +15% absence for each school. In order for me to do this I need to count  how many students (social security number) who has over 15% absence. When I've done that I use a calculation to count the number of students (sum(0,all(c),m3)). Since I have to make a graphic presentation the social security numbers have to be hidden, which I simply do in visibilities. This works fine when I create a table (yellow marks where I hide social security numbers)

But if I choose a bar chart or line chart I get an error which says there is not enough data.


I don't quit understand why Targit can handle to hide the social security numbers when it is a table and not a chart. For me the table and the table behind chart look identical.


Does somebody have any good suggestions on how to make the above table to work in a bar chart or line chart? I can read that someone had a similar question and the suggestion was to switch rows to columns (, that unfortunatly won't work in my case.  



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  • Hi Gia,

    I have this example, where 'Customer Country' equals your 'Institution Institutionsnavn', and 'Item Name' equals your 'Borger Personnummer'.

    Object 1:

    • I have added a calculation (as a new measure) that counts the number of siblings:
      allcount(0, all(s), m1)

    Object 2 (copy of Object 1):

    • I have added a visibility agent, Hide member, with the condition:
      allcount(d1, all(c), m1) = 0 and allcount(d1, d1:0(s), m1) > 1

    Object 3 (copy of Object 2, turned into a column chart):

    • In 'Visibility' options, in the Properties Smartpad, I have hidden the original measure and the Item.Name (Borger Personnummer) labels:

    BR / Ole


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