Filter delegate should allow offer to hide the filter delegated from the end-user

You should be able to setup filter delegate and a certain attribute, and then decide that the actual filter being passed should be hidden from the end-user.

One of the important use cases for filter delegate answers questions like - how many of a certain population defined by certain criteria became part of another population with another set of criteria.

The point here is, that you don't need to know which exactly, but just "how many".

An example from the public sector could be -

  • When you select a certain initiative trying to get unemployed people into employment in a certain timeframe, you now have a population of citizens...
  • ...Now you want to follow up on how successful the initiative was, maybe how many of the citizens were later in employment (this is done by setting up their citizen ID as the filter delegate) and setting up a KPI with a different timefilter and just showing the count of citizens - no information on personal level just a head count.

This can be done with existing filter delegate functionality, but the end-users can now eg. with the information I detect which citizen ids we're passed exactly. This is not necessary to answer the question of "how many" and it creates a problem of protection of personal information.




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