Multiple jobs for PDF and Excel in one mail

I have various reports that go out as PDF per scheduled job. In addition to the cumulative KPIs, there is also a detailed overview, which is a crosstab with around 20 columns. This does not fit the PDF as I cannot scroll to the right and splitting it into several pages is not an option.

I can of course send both separately as a job (once the PDF and once the Excel), but then that's 2 mails. Is it possible to send the Excel and the PDF in one mail - as you can do with several reports as PDF?





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  • Hi Marcel,

    No. I don't think you can get one mail with a PDF and an Excel at the same time.

    With regard to the 20 columns crosstab, you may consider these options to keep all 20 columns within one report page:

    • If the default column widths are determined by the column headers:
    1. With Crosstab styling, reduce the font size of the column headers
    2. and/or manually squeeze column widths to get word wrapping in the column headers.
    • Use a landscape orientated report page for this crosstab. If necessary, this can be added as a separate page to your existing report.
    • Use the 'Object scaling' option (lower right corner of your Designer client) to scale the crosstab until you can see all columns within the page. Note that you can type in your own scaling factor, like '0.68'.

    BR / Ole


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