Trellis charts - Repeat a chart by dimension attribute

Sometimes it is visually easier to have a pie, bar charts repeated but for a different local criteria of the same dimension attributes.
Eg. (bad example perhaps)
Employment age period by region.
Now you would have to make 5 charts manually and add a local variable region to each.

If we could have something like the page repeater such as list object in SSRS for instance to repeat objects over a set of criteria.

The layout of this list could be a grid with x-columns and x-rows which (much like the page that you can define grow in width or grow in height and render by grid or just render over 1 column and as much rows as needed.

It would nice if you do not limit this trellis grid to one object -> but that each cell in the trellis grid can hold multiple items to allow layering of a few KPI's, charts,...
In order to get something like this for example (mock up):



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