User Dimension for Month to Date on Every Day Except the 1st of the Month?

We have a report with a User Dimension that has various members.  To keep it simple, I'll focus on just one here, "Month to Date"

The challenge is that this particular report never has data available for the current day, so rather than using the default "Month to Date" dynamic period, we are using the following; from day 1 of the current month to yesterday.

Obviously, this breaks on the 1st day of the month (today is 5/1) as seen above, but works every other day.

I know one solution would be to change all of the "Yesterday" references to "Today", then just set the dynamic date back to 4/30.  However, we don't want to make our users do this every day in the analysis.  Further, how could we send the PDF version out via TARGIT scheduler if we did this?  I don't think there is a way to change the dynamic date for the email scheduled in TARGIT Scheduled Jobs.

Looking for ideas and suggestions please.





  • Just a suggestion:

    Maybe you could add a condition: Day -1



    Day relative -1

    Day specific 1


    Day relative -1

  • Thanks so much Louise!  Glad this was an easy one for you.


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