Arrange measures above the dimension

Hi TARGIT team,

In many cases our customers would like to see time comparisons next to each other per measure.

So we would like to display the measures above the (user) dimension in the columns like this:

A friendly TARGIT user suggested a workaroud: 

But I think this is a workaround only for quite advanced users and there is a special time dimension necessary. I can well imagine this feature as a standard function.

Maybe the rightclick menu or the smartpad "options and formatting" could include an option like "swap arrangement of measures and dimensions in columns"


Thank you very much / Marlene



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  • Thank you. We appreciate your input.

    The status of this post will be updated as your request is being processed by TARGIT.

    Until then, the post will remain here to gather further interest (more votes) and comments.

    Best regards / Ole


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