Iteration On Pages Allowing No Results

One of the most exciting concepts for a page iteration on a report is to allow us to use a measure in a table that might NOT return results for the whole report. Example use case, I create a report for every customer. I ONLY want a certain page to generate for customers who have XYZ product line. Several customers don’t have that product line at all so I don’t want that page to exist for them at all. Right now, that results in an error.



  • Hi Jason,

    Your request involves a number of unknowns that may be hard to get clarified in this forum. Also, it describes an error which may be a bug. If a bug, it may even be related to previous versions only.

    Can I please ask you to send your request to our Support team for clarification? 

    If deemed not a bug, but a genuine feature request, we will revisit this post.

    BR / Ole

  • Thank so much !  I submitted a bug report and we can go from there to see if it's a bug in the software.  I appreciate it !


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