Have the "Top/Bottom X" function be available to the end-user

It would be beneficial for users to have the option to change the top or bottom amount of a crosstab/object. For example, I am creating a report to show the top 50 most profitable items, but users might want to expand that to top 100, or shrink it to top 25. 

This feature would provide users autonomy and freedom in their analysis.



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  • Hi Meagan,

    I changed your request slightly to a more general request of having the top/bottom function available to the consumer user. The combination with criteria bar / slicer would complicate things unnecessarily.

    Until this feature request may (or may not) materialize, you may consider a different approach:

    1. In your Top 50 report, duplicate the current Layout and in the duplicated layout, change the top list to Top 100.
    2. You may then end up having one document with identical layouts for, e.g., Top 50, Top 100, Top 10, Top 25 etc.
    3. In each layout, you should also have a small menu (or text boxes) with triggers to the other layouts.

    I know this approach does not give full autonomy to the end-user, but maybe it will satisfy their most urgent requirements.

    BR / Ole


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