Improve collaborative management of scheduled jobs

Hi all,
In a larger company there are many scheduled jobs, but only the creator sees a particular job. In TARGIT Management there is only the possibility to make all scheduled jobs visible. 
Both cases are not a good solution in the following user story:

I am an employee in department XY and only see the scheduled jobs that I have created myself. My colleague from the same department has also created scheduled  jobs. If I am absent (vacation, sick) and no data is available in the morning (e.g. because the nightly preparation was not successful), the jobs are not correct and cannot be send manually because no one has access.



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  • Thank you. We appreciate your input.

    The status of this post will be updated as your request is being processed by TARGIT.

    Until then, the post will remain here to gather further interest (more votes) and comments.

    Best regards / Ole


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