Average Calculation of % in new calculated column partitioned by values in existing column

Hello Community,

Here I have calculated % considering numerous dimensions into account and I want to add 1 more calculated column where Calculation of Average % should be displaying as per the User names in column 1
i.e. for Abigail Avg % should be (100+100)/2=100
and for Adam Avg % should be (100+100+0)/3=66.66

Would this in any way be possible? 

Thank you in advance :) :)



  • Hi Vinay

    Maybe you can use something like this: sum(c1,all(s),m1)/count(d1,all(s),m1)

    Where count(d1,all(s),m1) counts the number of months for each year (like your name dimension). And sum(c1,all(s),m1) sum up the first calculated column for each year.

  • Hi Louise,

    Thanks for the response.

    I tried with the approach you followed but in my case 'Reviewee User Name' is not measurable entity so it's difficult to take it's count (Reviewee User Name is a dimension in the cube)

    Tried taking sum/avg though 1st column(d1) but it's showing same result as 'Percentage of 1:1.....' column.


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