Why does local filter not always override global?

Normally I notice that local filters seem to override global filters - but in this case it doesn't work as expected - can anyone exlain why?

I have a global filter called = 2020 and a local filter called between 2019 and 2021 – why does the local filter not override the global?



  • This problem arises when mixing two operators.

    You could set the global filter to 'between 2020 and 2020' or the local filter to 'equal 2019, 2020, 2021'.

  • Hi Marlene

    You are absolutely right :-) 

    When mixing operators both the global and local filter needs to be "TRUE"

    If you use the same operator (on the same attribute) in both global and local filter, you can override Global with Local.

    So - in short - stick to the same operator in global and local filters and the logic remains fairly simple.

    Hope it makes sense :-)


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