Can you copy a shared user dimension?

I want to use a shared user dimension as a starting point for another user dimension – of course without breaking the shared user dimension – is this possible?



  • Just an idea:

    Can't you just right click on the shared dimension an choose (in danish) "Adskil fra fælles" (english might be "separate from common" or something like that :-)

    I don't know if you need to use the shared dimension in a new crosstable first, and then (when selecting this crosstab) right click and separate. Or it is possible to do it without copying the dimension to another crosstab?  

  • It's called detach from shared - and you're right - the option is only available when you are actually using the shared user dimension.

    By using your method, you will now have an exact copy which can remain local - or maybe be shared under a different name.

  • But what will happen, if you detach the user dimension from shared with all the dashboards where the user dimension is used? Will they then be local on each document? 

  • Hi Marc,

    When you detach a Shared User Dimension, it will only have an effect on the current object where it was used. In this single object it will now become a Local User Dimension. In all other documents/objects the Shared User Dimension will still be a Shared User Dimension.

    In my example below, I have added the Shared User Dimension 'Two periods' (with the Share symbol) to a crosstab. Then I detached this User Dimension and it became a Local User Dimension 'Two periods' (with the dot symbol).

    Next step would be to right click the local user dimension to Edit it. Then you can rename the user dimension and Share. In this way you have created a copy of your original Shared User Dimension into a new Shared User Dimension with a new name.

    BR / Ole

  • Hi Ole,

    ok, understood. That's great and it works. From the view of the user, it could be more easy like adding a simple "copy" option. 

    Thanks for your fast help.


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