Empty date field shows 12/30/1899

When using the (i) dimension attributes and then selecting a date value, all the empty dates will show 12/30/1899. When I add the same date value as a normal dimension attribute, it shows an empty field. 

Is there a way to show the field as empty while using the (i) dates? 





    I think you could try either:

    1. Create a blank date in your dimension (empty string value)
    2. Add dynamic label for the value 12/30/1899 and set it to 1 space. Do not think it does accept an empty value.

    I am assuming your source is an OLAP cube.
    When we were using OLAP cubes and needed to display dates in an information field we just stored the date as a string in the database. If no date was present we stored a record with a blank date.
    This way Targit just displays the value from the database, in this case a blank instead of a "NULL".

  • Thanks for your explanation! We have tried both options but unfortunately they are still not ideal in our situation:

    1. The information fields respond to the language setting that Targit is in. For the date fields this means that the English users see a different date format than our Dutch users. When storing the date as a string in the database, the date format is not changed according to the language setting. This is mostly an issue when they export to Excel, where they then have to manually change it back to the date format their Excel is in. 

    2. I have tried adding a dynamic label for the value 12/30/1899. This works well for normal dimensions, where you can set it per value and it changes all values in that table. However, when using the information fields you will have to change the dynamic title per line, see this example where I add a dynamic caption to the same line:

    Normal dimensions:

    Information fields:

    As you see this has to be changed per line, it doesn't take the date value. 

  • Hello Femke, I would like to understand how you created the table. You have described that the content (date format) adapts depending on the language. Can you explain how you did that?

    Thanks very much.


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