Is there a way to see which filters apply to a certain crosstab

I use both global and local filters in my document. Some of the global filters are visible to me in the drop-down, while others are done "behind the scene". All the local filters are by nature "behind the scene" as well.

Is there a way to find out which filters exactly apply to a certain crosstab in my document?



  • Right-clicking on the object and choosing the information i will reveal which filters and intelligent agents (visibility- and coloragents) are affecting the object in question.

  • Niels,

    I am looking for a way to document the filters and agents on my crosstabs. I'm in an environment where others are able to make modifications to reports without my knowing, and I'd like to have documentation of how things are configured at any point in time in case we need to troubleshoot. 

    I've played around with creating separate layouts showing the crosstab information display (instead of data), but even though it's unlinked, changes to local and global criteria are still applied to this "informational" crosstab.

    Is there any way to document a crosstab's configuration at a specific point in time?

  • Hi Susan

    I think you might be looking for some kind of version control. There's no built-in version control feature in TARGIT.

    One thing you could do is uitlize the variable "Last Edited By" which might do some of the job:

  • Thanks, Niels. That is helpful. 

    It's not as much version control as it is just documentation. It would be helpful to have a map of which dimensions, measures and criteria are being used for each crosstab at a set point in time. It's basically the same information you referenced in your answer above (choosing i on the object). One question, though. You said, "Right-clicking on the object and choosing the information i will reveal which filters and intelligent agents (visibility- and color agents) are affecting the object in question." I don't see visibility and color agents info when I click on the i.

    I experimented with adding another layout to my report and placing each crosstab with the i data displayed. But, of course, if global criteria are modified, those crosstabs are updated. I tried unlinking them, but they still update when global criteria changes. I'm looking for a tool that will help me validate configuration at a time when everything was working so I can fix it when things get changed. I hope that makes sense.

  • Hi again

    The built-in information i will show information including agents.
    The information shown will contain a section called "Agents".

    See this example:

    I think I would go with a simple backup. All your analysis are placed in C:\Programdata\TARGIT\AntServer\VFS\Global and the backup is probably just a few MBs. 

    With a weekly (or daily) backup of this folder (and subfolders), you could fall back whenever necessary to a working version.




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