What is a scheduled jobs administrator?

What’s the difference between being a Scheduled jobs administrator and a “normal” scheduler jobs user?



  • Wasn't aware of a 'Scheduled jobs administrator' ;-)

    Can you a screenshot so I can indentify it's location?

  • Hi Dirk

    Scheduled jobs administrator is a right that you can assign to a group of users in TARGIT Management (see red square below):

    Once you have this right you can see, edit, delete jobs created by any user in your installation.

    Also when you browse through the jobs list, you will have all the search tools shown on the right hand side in screenshot below:

    Note also in the lower right corner of the screenshot above, that the scheduled jobs admininistrator can set up a global notification on errors on any job executed by the TARGIT Server.

    If you are not scheduled jobs administrator, you can only:

    • See, edit, delete jobs that belong to you
    • You don't have the extensive search tools
    • You can set up a notification per job - but no global notification

    Hope it makes sense :-)

    Br/Niels Thomsen


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