Scheduled job output format

for a scheduled job it is only possible to create a PDF of an URL link.

we want to display revenues on a daily basis to all our employees on our internal website. Therefore a picture or an HTML is needed to be able to create an IFrame. Is this possible at the moment in Targit, or are there other ways to adress this?



  • Hi Joyce¬†

    If I understand you correctly you want to schedule a picture or an HTML file that can be used inside an iFrame?

    You can do both.

    When you set up a schedule for a certain dashboard, you have a lot of options for output format:
    PNG, JPG or BMP will create a snapshot of your dashboard (refreshed as often as you decide on the Schedule tab). If you go with this choice, you will probably select folder in the Delivery tab. That means that a picture (snapshot) of your analysis will be delivered to a folder (and overwritten every time the job runs). That picture is easy to integrate into your internal website (I guess you don't even need an iFrame, but just to insert the picture directly in your webside).

    HTML will create a full HTML page also containing the data in the dashboard. This option is often used for slideshows on flat panels, but is also perfect for integration of one dashboard. Again the refresh rate depends on what you decide in the schedule tab.

    If you choose HTML, you could use the publish option in the Delivery tab, maybe tick the custom link and type in your own text like shown below:

    Now you can use the copy option in the dialogue

    which will provide you with a link - maybe looking like this:


    This link is ready to be used in an iFrame in your website.

    Hope it makes sense :-)

    br/Niels Thomsen

  • Is it possible that we do not have this option in our license? I only get the option to create pdf...

  • Hi Joyce,

    Yes - you will need the 'Enterprise Distribution' add-on license in order to do that.

    You should get in touch with your TARGIT account manager regarding license changes.

    BR / Ole


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