Export to excel control

How do I prevent people from using export to excel?



  • Hi Niels,

    Exporting to Excel can be controlled through 'Rights'.

    In TARGIT Management Studio, in the Rights section, you can create a Rights group (or edit one of the existing ones). In the 'Rights' tab of this group, scroll down to Consumer rights and find the option 'Export table data to CSV/Excel/XML' and set the permission to 'None in these rights'.

    Members of this group are now prevented from Exporting to Excel - at least based on the permissions from this group.

  • Hi Niels,

    will this also hide the button?

    Kind regards


  • Good question Thomas

    Your guide is completely correct. When I right click in the anywhere client after removing this right,  there is no option to export to excel.

    But what about if someone offered an export to excel through a button (menu)?

    Well I tried it - and the button didn't disappear, but when I tried to use it, I got this error message:

    Best Regards Niels


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