Change From Address in E-mail Schedule?


In the 2017 version, it was possible to enter the From email address per individual scheduled report. This field disappeared in 2021. How can I create a schedule with a different From email address than the default mail address? Customer reports are sent from our offices with their email address in the from field.

Below two screenshots. One from 2021 version and one from 2017 version.


Best regards,

Frank Raijmaekers



  • Hi Frank,

    In the 2021 version you need to be a 'Scheduled Jobs administrator' to set the 'From' address.

    'Scheduled Jobs administrator' is a Rights permission in the Rights properties in the TARGIT Management client. Set it to 'Allow in these rights' for the Rights group that you are member of.

    BR / Ole

  • ¬†

    Or you can go the settings file directly  C:\ProgramData\TARGIT\ANTServer\Settings\Jobs\jobs.xml

    Change the tags where needed as follows <from \> to <from></from>


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