What is the difference between Contributions and Requests?

Under "My activities" in this forum I find Requests, Contributions and Following.

What is Requests?



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    Hi Louise,

    You just found one of the things that are still missing to be cleaned out in this new Community platform.

    'Requests' and 'My requests' are not supposed to be visible. It is one of many things that is supported by the platform, but we are not using it for now.

    BR / Ole

    Update: The 'Requests' and 'My requests' have now been disabled until we might need them later.

  • Thanks for info, Ole.

    I hope that in the (near?) future it will be possible to make requests for new functionality and other wishes in this forum? I know that you have had another place to enter these inputs and vote for them. It would be super nice to have it all together in here. Then it would be much easier to use and vote right away, when you have a question in the forum that turns out not to be possible within the excisting Targit functions. :-)  

  • Hi Louise,

    Yes - we are planning on enabling a built-in feedback forum in here as well in the near future.

    It just wasn't part of phase 1 of the roll-out plan for this Community site.

    So, until then, the official way to give feedback about the TARGIT software is as explained here: Giving Feedback on TARGIT Decision Suite

    BR / Ole


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