Forum usage - a few hints

First of all - thanks a lot for using the forum :-)

We really believe there's gonna be so much value in all the conversations taking place here and your contribution is extremely welcome whether it's new posts or comments to existing ones.

To get the best conversations and avoid misunderstandings - here are a few hints to how to use the forum:

  1. English is the language of the forum - please stick to this, so everyone can benefit from the post and comments you make

  2. When you make a post or a comment - you are perfectly free to edit or delete it.
    However - if someone else took the time to comment on your post - please leave it as it is - otherwise it will be confusing and discouraging to other users of the forum when bits of a conversation are missing

  3. Add screenshots (just copy and paste) and explain exactly what you are trying to achieve and what is stopping you

  4. Ask others what they mean when in doubt - if you don't understand it - others probably don't either!

  5. Be constructive - everyone is trying their best - even if a comment isn't spot on, someone took time to try and help

  6. Finally - have fun!





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