How do I share a file from a Targit dashboard outside my organisation?


I have a some data in a dashboard, that I want to share with a person/server outside my department - and for at monthly deliverance. What is the best way to do this?



  • Hi Jette

    I guess it would depend on what the person/server would need?

    These are the options I can think of:

    1. You could schedule an export to excel, a snapshot or do a scheduled publishing to an html file

    2. You could make the schedule send it by mail, deliver it to a folder or create a webpage holding the data

    Is this what you are looking for - or did i misunderstand your question?

  • Hi Niels,

    I want to share data with the specific criteria from our dashboard via Data Discovery:

    Is i possible to do this in a scheduled job?

  • Hi Jette,

    You cannot share a Data Discovery data source directly with someone that does not have access to your server.

    However, from the screen shot you supplied, it looks like your Data Discovery data sources are coming from TARGIT dashboards. And, like Niels mentioned, you should be able to create scheduled data exports (Excel or CSV) from these original dashboards.

    This should be able to produce the exact same data as those in your Data Discovery data sources. Of course, these exported data needs to be delivered in a way that potentially can be picked up by a different server. The easiest way would probably be to write the export to a virtual drive that is being shared by both servers - ask the IT guys if it is possible to share a drive between the two servers.


    BR / Ole

  • Hi Ole and Niels,

    Is this export as Excel-file possible in Targit 2019-version or only in Targit 2021? I  cant choose to export Excel in 2019.


    BR Jette

  • Hi Jette,

    No - it should be possible in the 2019 version as well. It may require an Enterprise Distribution add-on license, but I believe you already got that.

    Otherwise, just right-click any object. That should give you options to do a manual Export or a Scheduled export - as in my screenshot.

    Notice that the document must be saved (Shared or Personal) before you can create a scheduled job.

    BR / Ole


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