Remember to clean up your dashboards and reports for unused objects

If you open up one of your TARGIT documents and go into designer mode (clicking the pencil marked below).

You might notice an orange dot like shown below on top of your Object list tab (also shown in red square below)


That orange dot is telling you that you have unused objects in the document.

The concept of unused objects was introduced back in the 2019 version of TARGIT.
It's basically a recycle bin like you know it from Windows. 

When you delete an object (textbox, table, graph, image etc) it is not completely gone - it's just moved to unused objects. 
That gives you the option to restore it from unused objects if you like, which is good.

However if you are not aware of the unused objects, you might have a lot of objects that you actually thought were deleted a long time ago.

These objects are in the file that you save, impacting the file size of the document. Also sometimes you might get an error message saying you have a flawed calculation or something like that, and you search through all your objects without finding any problems. Then it could be an object in the unused folder that is provoking the error message.

Anyway - it's a good idea for multiple reasons to clean up the unused objects folder (just like the recycle bin).

To do so:

1. Expand the object list


2. Expand the subfolder unused objects (notice in my folder I have 18!)

3. Right click any of these objects and click delete all

Now there's no orange dot and you have no unused objects!






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