Templates for crosstabs?

I want to make a layout for the crosstabs in our TARGIT solution.

It should contain choices on font, size, background color etc.

Is there a way to do this in TARGIT?



  • Hi,

    crosstabs can be formatted under properties -  crosstab styling.

    Theme will allow you to do the basic formatting for background and font's.

    Custom is more advanced, where you can format particular dimension members and their targets, based on different conditions.

  • PS - you always have the option of storing these and reuse these in different reports.



  • Hello,

    I want to change the default font from Segoe UI to Calibri. I changed the default theme but of a specific report but the font of the default theme in other dashboards doesn't change. Can I do this in 'one click'?



  • Hi Frank

    If you change the font in your default crosstab theme, then the font will change in all the other dashboards where you've used the same crosstab theme.

    Was that your question?


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