Can you "simulate" dynamic time by changing the date it is calculating from?

I’m using dynamic time showing previous 12 months – sometimes the users want to “pretend” that the starting point is another month than the current – is this possible?



  • In the criteria bar you can add a Dynamic Time Origin. The users can then input their own date.

  • (More information on the dynamic dates can be found in the Fundamentals Course Lesson 5.

  • The Documentation section about Dynamic Criteria in the Community is also worth a read:

  • Interesting info. I could use to have the "Dynamic period base" as an option in the criteria bar in some of my analysis. But when I follow the tip in the particular analysis the option is not possible to select (light grey). Why is that?

  • Hi Louise,

    I am not sure why you cannot add the "Dynamic date origin" - I haven't been able to replicate it.

    However, you could try two things:

    1. Try right clicking in an *empty* spot in the criteria bar.
    2. Try adding a criteria with the Criteria Editor. Look for the "Dynamic Time" option in the lower left corner. If it is greyed out (as it is in my screenshot), then none of your time dimensions support dynamic time.

    Let me know if any of this explains the behavior you are seeing.

    BR / Ole


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