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Some may view this as a small item, but has anyone found a way to change the default font, size and color?  The TARGIT default of a charcoal grey color and size 9 font is difficult to read for many of our employees and we are constantly changing this to assist with visibility.  It would be nice if we could change the default or have dedicated themes to select from similar to what is available with cross tabs.



  • Hi Phill,
    You may be creating a new cross table style and saving a new theme. 
    And then set it as a default.

    Hope this helps.
  • Hi Phil,

    Everton is correct on how you can change the font for a crosstab theme and then use that theme as the new default crosstab theme.

    However, I think you are also asking how to change the general default font - which is used in many other places such as chart axes labels, mouse overs etc.

    I am afraid that is not an option - not even by manipulating an xml file or anything similar to that. The default, Segoe UI 9, seems to be hardcoded into TARGIT.

    BR / Ole

  • I'm very interested in this as well. I need the dashboards  and reports to be as close to the housestyle as possible. Some reports are printed to pdf and send to customers, so the font is important. I don't want to set the font for each and every object. The default size are fine, but the Segoe font is not what we want to use. Even if I use the template for pivot table as suggested above, i have to set each time the font for chart title as that is not stored wih the template. 

  • We have earlier requested this too. - So if it is made as a feature request it will have my vote :-)


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