How to adjust a table to wide for one page

How do I adjust a wide table so all data is shown? If I have many months in my column there isn't space enough for all data in one page. How do I ensure, that the rest of the data moves on to the next page? Right now, I am not able to see the data for November and so on. 




  • Hi Karoline,

    There are no imminent plans to provide functionality that will split a too wide crosstab across multiple pages in a report. So as it is right now, your crosstabs are confined to a single page with regard to crosstab width.

    I think you should look into other options - e.g. the option to simply scale your crosstab until you can see all your columns on a single page. Of course, that would make things smaller and harder to read. If you have a really wide crosstab, you might also consider changing the page layout from a portrait mode to a landscape mode.

    Object scaling (you are not restricted to the pre-defined list, you can type in e.g. '0.67' or '0,67' depending on your language setting):

    BR / Ole

  • Hi Karoline,

    in TARGIT 2019 and 2021 it's not possible to autofit the columns in a crosstable in a report to make an automatic page break if the column width is too big.

    I suggest to shrink the columns on your left side and prepare the maximum space of your crosstab (12 month), otherwise the PDF will be cutted.

    We also know that issue and I think TARGIT is already working on a solution - maybe the TARGIT team has more info?!

  • Hi Marlene,

    Thank you for your quick answer!

    Yes, I will then have to change my date criteria to 12 months. I have similar problems with reports showing weeks in my column, so if there's a solution on its way, it would be nice! 


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