Miscellaneous language in Targit 2021

In Targit 2021 I see english and dutch language miscellaneous in the screens (see example bellow).

I want all language in english. Where can I arrange this?





  • Did you set the language to "English" in your user settings?

  • Yes, see below

  • The following steps fixed the issue for me.
    But if I switch languages and servers a lot I have to repeat these steps.
    • Go to %appdata%\TARGIT\
      Open file explorer and enter the above in the address bar
    • Open the file loginmru.xml in notepad
    • Delete all lines between from line 3 until the penultimate line.
      End result should look like this:

      If you are not sure what to delete, you can also deleted all lines in the file. Targit will create all needed information after start up.

    • Save the file
    • Close Targit windows client if still open.
    • Logon to the server 
    • it will now probably default to dutch (at least with my installation it did, I think it defaults to the language used in regional settings on your local machine)
    • Change the language to english as Marlene said
    • Close targit
    • Open Targit and logon
    • All system labels are now back in English


    In the .xml file all langauge settings for all servers are stored.
    For some reason Targit just takes all possible languages present, not taking into account the server and you get a mix of languages in your interface.

    The same will happen if you have translations in place for dimension and measures. At times you will see a mix of Dutch and English while the language is set to English...


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