Global dimensions

It would be nice to have another interface in order to work with the global dimensions, kind of the way we work with Data Discovery in form of a sort of "drag and drop" way of connecting the different dimensions across the various cubes rather than the way it has to be done to day with xml.

Is there another and more intuituve way of doing that and is it something that TARGIT have in the pipeline to improve?



  • Official comment

    This feature has been released as 'Mashup Dimensions'.

    Cloud release: 26th November 2023.

    On-prem release: '2023 November 2'


  • I agree with John.
    GlobalDimensions is a bit cumbersome to set up right now.
    Manually editing an XML file is prone to manual errors.
    Entering the correct mapping paths without typo's... (or copy paste from an .xview file)

  • Hi John,

    Currently, creating and manually editing the xml file is the only way to work with Global Dimensions.

    I am not aware of any short term plans to provide a UI for Global Dimensions.

    However, if you want to promote your idea, you can do this via the official "Ideas" portal, where you can create a new request as an idea:

    Best regards,


  • Hi Ole,

    Good idea, I will do that.

    But it seems that I don´t have access, I can´t get in.

    Best Regards,


  • Hi John,

    You might try again. I've made a correction to your email address in our CMS.

    BR / Ole

  • Hi Ole,

    That helped, thanks.

    BR/ John


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