Show dimension name above columns of a crosstable?

It it possible to display the name of the used dimension above the columns (in this example DemoData --> Company)?



  • I would like to know that as well - unfortunately I don't have the answer :-/

    But instead I noticed, that you have both the name of your row dimension (Jahresvergleich) and the categories of your column dimensions displayed in your crosstab. How do you achieve this? 

    When I have a crosstab with dimensions in rows and columns, my titles at the row dimensions always disappears. Do you know, what I can do to make them visible?

    It is not a problem, if I remove the dimension "År" in the columns:

    Im sorry just to comment your question with a new question :-/ 

  • Hi Marlene

    I don't think you can have the information right in the column header - however you could add it to the title of the crosstab like this:

    To do that I went to the crosstab styling in the properties section:

    On the Title tab if picked metadata from the drop-down:



    Now you can pick what content the metadata should show, and on which axis:

    Now you just need to add some leading text and repeat the action above for the other axis.

    I think that's the closest I can get to what you are trying to achieve.

    Hope it makes sense :-)

  • Hi Niels, I have not use metadata in this context with axes before, thank you for this tip!

  • Hi Louise, I think your issue is solved in the new TARGIT version!

  • Hi Marlene

    That would be nice. Thanks for info.

  • Crosstabs only show column headers when it has to also render measure titles.
    It does this only when there are 2 or more measure present in the crosstab.

    guide on how to show column names if only 1 measure is in the crosstab:

    Start table no column name:

    add a dummy calculation set to 0

    Hide the dummy calculation

    set a dynamic label on your measure to copy the y-axis values. (month number in this case)select the month a dynamic caption

    now you will have 2 headers with the same valuehide the labels of you month dimension

    You now have your crosstab with all titles.
    This should be fixed in targit 2020 (do not know which version exactly though)

  • The issue with missing column headers has been fixed with the 2021 version (build 19216).

    The 2019 version behave as described by raf.

    The 2021 version will always show column headers - even without any measure headers - as described by Marlene.

    BR / Ole

    PS: There is no 2020 version. TARGIT went directly from the 2019 version to the 2021 version, which is already on its third sub-release by beginning March 2021.

  • Thanks for info and guide :-)


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