Microsoft Teams & TARGIT

Does anybody has any experience/knowledge with TARGIT and Microsoft Teams ?  We are working with Teams for some time now. Chat & VideoCalls. We are now setting up different Teams and Channels in our company. Would be great to implement TARGIT reports in these Channels.



  • Hi Walter

    You can easily embed TARGIT into Microsoft Teams.

    When you are looking at your team/channel you probably have these standard tabs (or at least something similar):

    If you hit the plus to add an extra tab and search for the app Website, you should find this app:

    Now i filled in a name and copy/pasted a URL that deeplinks to a specific analysis:
    Hit save and you're done. Now you have an Anywhere client running in a tab in Teams.

    Notice - if you want to share content without requiring authentication, you could use the "Scheduled Publishing" option - and use the URL that you have defined for the job in question.

    Hope it makes sense :-)

  • Thanks for the quick reply Niels. I don't have TARGIT Anywhere at the moment, so I have to install this.


  • No problem - Anywhere is included in the official installer - so it should be fairly easy to install.

    Very interested to hear how your use of teams and TARGIT turns out.

  • Walter Bastiaens: Was the integration in Teams successful?

    Niels Thomsen : We are using the Anywhere client behind a RD Web Access. I think that's more difficult because the anywhere client does not work in Teams?


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