Mapping options The Netherlands

This is not a question, but an enthousiast reaction at the mapping options in Targit 2021.

We can now map all our relations in a map of The Netherlands, see below.

A very nice option in Targit!



  • Hi Twan,

    Yes. The new longitude/latitude mapping option makes so much sense in so many cases.

    Beautiful work!

    BR / Ole

  • Hi Twan, how did you get that map from the Netherlands? I really like this and want to do the same.

    Is it a custom map? I want to overlay our customers by points (heatmap) over the netherlands but then displayed over own own regions. I have a svg map of the Netherlands 2 digit Postcodes, but if I then use the default Europe map I don't get the same shape of the Netherands ofcourse. The default one in Targit is horrible as it is skewerd.

    I have tried to add the edges lon/lat in my custom svg map but how to determine those edges? I did something with Google Maps and then just click somewhere and enter the coordinates, but it is not working.

  • Hello Femke,

    The map is a picture. You can define the edges of the map with latitude and longtitude coordinates. We have of each customer these coordinates, so it plots automatic the location at this picture / map.





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