Why is the option "Select all" in my criteria bar not active (grey)?

Consequently the option "Select all" in my criteria bar is grey (not possible to use). Why is that?

It is the same problem whether I use the Windows client or the Anywhere Client, and regardless which dimension I choose.

And for the record it is not just me but all our users I have asked this question, who have the same problem.

Example Anywhere:

Example Windows client:

The problem is that I would like to select all dates except 31-12-9999. So instead of selecting every dates on the long list, I would like to "select all" and then deselect 31-12-9999. I would be mush easier. But the "select all" option doesn't work?

Does anyone know why?



  • Hi Louise, if you want to get the drop down list with data, click here:

    If you want to get the operator list, click here: 

    (Notice the yellow highlighted mouse pointers)

  • Hi Louise,

    The button "Tilfoj alle / Apply all" is just useful when you search per text. 

    In this example I searched for U* in Country dimension and it's not grey anymore.

    If you want to exclude one entry, I would suggest to click on "Editor" and select "different from":


  • Hi Louise

    I'm afraid that's just how select all works for the time being in the Anywhere Client.
    It will only be active when you have a subset of values found through search.

    There is no shortcut to simply select all without doing a prior search.

    A simple workaround would be to search out all members with a search like this: !xyz

    The ! sign means not in the TARGIT search syntax. So basically you are searching for something not = xyz

    In a list of eg. employee names I guess that would be everyone. Then TARGIT will find all your members and you are able to use the select all button.

  • If you click on the yellow marked part in the criteria bar, it shows a list and explanation with all operators. This is only visible in Anywhere Client!

    (in this case German language)

  • Hi Marlene

    Thanks for the tip! It is very useful in the Windows client (and I wasn't aware of it - so thanks)

    But I don't have this option to edit or search in the Anywhere client. And all our standard users only have the Anywhere client.

    Any others ideas?

  • Sorry, I can see that I can do a search and then "Select all" in Anywhere too. It is just placed in the top instead of in the buttom of the window. But I can't "Select all" without doing a search. And I haven't got the option to "Edit". So if I have a long list of categories, and I would like to select all except one, I still don't know how to do this in Anywhere?

  • Thanks Niels!

    I didn't know the "!..." search option. That will do the job :-)

    Thank you very much. 

  • Hi Marlene

    Thanks for the tip. But I'm not sure I understand where to click to get the explanation?

    I don't see any yellow place to click on my Anwhere screen?

    But otherwise I can just try to refresh my german with the list you have sent above ;-D


  • Thanks a lot.. Now in danish too :-) Perfect!


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