Is it possible to show a user dimension at the criteria bar with Targit 2020?

We haven't upgraded to Targit 2020 yet. But we are planning to do so in the nearest future.

I have a user dimension, that I would like to use in my criteria bar at the top of my analysis. I don't seem to have this option in this version of Targit (2019). Will it be possible after our upgrade to Targit 2020?

When I right click on a standard dimension, I have the option:





  • Hi Louise, 

    I guess you are using TARGIT 2019? You can add user dimension to criteria bar, but I think you need to share them into your dimensions before doing this.

    You can find the shared user dimension here:

  • Thanks Marlene :-) You were right. 

    We are using 2019 - I was just a year ahead in my mind ;-D

    And your tip solved my problem. When I have shared my dimension, I get the option to add it to my criteria bar as needed.

    Thank you very much - and have a nice weekend :-)


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