Workaround to limit rights to a DYNAMIC time dimension???

I think it is not possible in TARGIT Management to limit the rights to a dynamic period. But some users should only be able to see analysis of a certain dynamic period on the TARGIT App.

Because of that, I was thinking about giving access only to predefined analyses. Is there a possibility to prevent a flexible filtering of the time dimension (all other dimensions should still be allowed to be filtered)? Some users have Consumer rights, some Advanced rights and some Designer rights.



  • Hi Marlene,

    I can't think of any way that you, from a central point, can prevent all types of users from changing a dynamic criteria in the TARGIT App. Maybe someone else can?

    The problem is with Advanced users and Designer users. They will always be able to work with criteria on the available dimensions - including dynamic criteria on time dimensions. There is no Rights permission to prevent them from that.

    You probably already know it, but I would suggest to make it less obvious that you can change the dynamic criteria. E.g. with these options:

    • Remove the time dimensions from the criteria bar. Set your dynamic time criteria with the Criteria Editor to work "in the background".
    • Replace your time dimensions with User Dimensions in the criteria bar. You can create a User Dimension with just the two or three customized dynamic criteria that should be accessible to the end-user.

    BR / Ole

  • Hi Ole, thank you very much.
    In this case I would use only customer licences and prepare analysis with specific user dimensions...

    We often receive requests on how to restrict rights.
    Unfortunately, there are no OR filters in TARGIT Management.

    Filter on company A with all product groups
    OR additionally filter on product group B, no matter which company the user belongs to.

    Is there another solution than using a second AD user with a second licence?

  • Hi Marlene

    We do have a feature request for exactly what you mention - if you're responsible for a certain area in Company A and all areas in Company B. 

    Unfortunately I don't think it will be in the next release.

    I don't know of any easy workarounds - I've heard of customers who actually altered the data model to solve this issue - but I don't think that's the solution you are looking for.

    In the near future we will add ideas to our TARGIT community - it will probably bring up certain feature requests in priority when community members can vote. Let's hope your request is one of those :-)

    Till then I will add TSO-data as a stakeholder who is interested in OR criteria in forced criteria. 



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