Abuse? Layout triggers


What is your view on creating a dashboard multiple pages big as 1 dashboard with each page taking a layout?
What are pro's / cons for this approach?

I already noticed it does not place to much of a burden on "anywhere" in a way it only loads the objects / data for the layout currently selected.


Also linked objects currently do not share their x,y and width,height attributes which would actually be really helpful.



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  • Hi Raf

    It's an interesting question. 

    Most customers make documents and trigger from document to document. That's the "standard" way of making navigation in a TARGIT solution.

    Since 2021 you can actutally make triggers internally in a document - and trigger to a different layout that is contained in the same document.

    I don't think this is "abuse" - it's perfectly fine to do so.

    You should of course not put your entire TARGIT portal into the same document !! - but as an example a certain sales dashboard might contain different versions showing different aspects of the data and reuse some of the same objects.

    Maybe 2 KPI's are present on all the layouts to sort of tie the user experience together but otherwise the layouts could present data on different levels with different focus and you could have a special menu with buttons for these layouts.

    My own typical use of this feature is to have a report layout of a dashboard that reuses the objects from the dashboard, and then offer a button that actually exports the report version to PDF.

    Hope it makes sense :-)



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