How to allow multiselection at a shared dimension in the criteria bar?

I have added a shared dimension to the criteria bar. But I can only select 1 value. How do I get the option to multiselect? 

I have already ticked the box for "Allow multiselection" when I created the shared dimension:

And even if I have selected "Auto-filter" at the dimension, it seems to show all of my categories, instead of just the values in my dataset given my other selected criterias. At the example above there should only be 2 categories shown. Dosn't auto-filter works on a shared user dimension? 



  • Hi Louise, I opened a ticket on this and I was told by support that the Auto-Filter doesn't work on the User Dimensions.

    As far as the multiselect, all of the elements must use the same operator for it to work. So for instance, all of your elements would need to use = for you to be able to do it. When there's a different operator, it defaults to always being single selection.

    Hope it helps!


  • Hi Danilo

    Thanks for info. Unfornunate that the auto-filter dosn't work on user dimensions.

    Now I have changed all my operators to "between". As you say I must use the same type of operator for all my categories. But it still dosn't work.

    Only if I use the operator equal to "=" it will allow me to multiselect:

    Is that what you meant? That it will only work with the operator =?

    But unfornutalety this dosn't solve my case. As there will continue to occur new dates and I want to collect all the dates in month intervals.

    The original problem is that my date is formated as a string, and it's a cube from KMD that I can't change myself and I can't get anyone in my organisation to finance the change. So I need to make a work around. And the cube contains sensitive information and user rights etc. so I'm afraid it will be too much work to make a new cube on the top. :-/

    Any good ideas are welcome :-)

  • Hi 

    It should work exactly as Danilo points out - so if all filters in your user dimension are between - even if you actually mean one particular date - you need to say between.

    Did you remember to tick the box sayin multiselect?

    If that doesn't work it must be some kind of bug.

  • Hmm, thanks Niels.

    Dos it matter whether I have included og excluded the end values in my between intervals? Should this be consequently used for every categories as well?

  • I have now succeded in making a new shared user dimension with between intervals with different included/excluded end values. And it works. Thanks for all your help!


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