Breadcrumb of selections in text box

Is it possible to display the selections as a text like a sort of breadcrumb? So If I have a bar chart displaying article group sales for 2021 and 2020. If I click on 1 bar I have made 2 selections (year and article group). Is it possible to 'catch' those 2 selections and display it as a 'current selection breadcrumb'. It's a bit like the Global Criteria  {$CriteriaExplanation} used in text box. But preferrably without all the extra text, just the dimension/measure name and the values.



  • I'm afraid I don't understand your question correctly as I don't know the meaning af a "breadcrumb" in this context? When I try to translate it only gives me "A tiny piece of bread, either one that falls from bread as it is cut or eaten, or one made deliberately by crumbling bread." ;-D I guess it has a different meaning in your text ;-D 

    So I guess you already know, that you can use dynamic text in a textbox and choose the dimensions you want to display? And optionally use the option of limiting the number of categories displayed by using "interval" and "limit"?


  • Thanks, no I was not aware of this, but this is what I meant. A breadcrumb is an term used in website building to indicate the menu path selections you made to open the page you have open.

  • Thanks for explanation :)

    We have earlier requested a functionality that can show the click/trigger path in a menu bar. So you can see/follow the way you have clicked from the start page to the actual analysis. We have had to make a meny structure manually as a work around. 

    I know that this is not what you ask for. But I guess this request is associated with your question above. I'm afraid I don't have any other tip that could be helpful. Hopefully other users or Targit have further ideas..  

  • Hi Femke,

    It should be possible by using the 'Members' dynamic content.

    In this screenshot I have made a drilldown on the T-SHIRTS 2019 column from the column chart.

    The text box below has been created with dynamic content, Members, with members from the Product Group dimension (as shown) and members from the Year dimension.

    BR / Ole

  • Thanks, this is indeed a workaround, however I need to add all dimensions used in the dashboard individually, and when no selection is made I need to make sure it is not displayed.

    It is not possible (i think) to catch all selections made in 1 member-command (like CriteriaExpression for the global criteria), e.g on the cube I use identifier {AllDimensions}.


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