How to create a line chart showing 24 hours as 1-24 in x-axis

Is it possible to create a line chart that shows 24 hours starting at 00.00 day 1 and ending at 00.00 day 2

The hours should be presented as 1-24 in the x-axis.

Attached is something like the wanted line chart.



  • Yes, we have been using hourly line charts lately for our Dashboard usage logging; the main thing you will want to make sure is that you have the hour extracted from the date in the back end. Then you can add the extracted Hour dimension in the chart, you could also hit "Format Numbers" and select "Time" then "Hours", this may help to create the chart!

  • Thank you for your answer! 

    We will extract the data back end and then make the line chart.

  • In one of our cubes I have created a Time Dimension with 2 hour fields. One with 0-23 values and one with 1-24 values. 
    Here is an example how it could be used. The middle one - i have used the Timeinterval column together with Hour24.
    Here is screenshot from DimTime table. 

  • Thank you for your input. It looks great. 

    We will continue working on our data to see what's the best :)


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