Use dimensions from a facttabel

I have combined  3 data sources (2 facttabels and 1  dimensionstabel). If I only use the dimensions in the dimensionstabel, the measures for both of the facttabels are correct. But if I include dimensions from one of the facttabels, the measure from the other facttabel will just show '0'. Isn't possible to use dimensions from my facttabels as dimensions in objects or criteria? Or should I make a knew dimensiontabel with these dimensions?




  • Hi Gia

    If your data model only has one fact table, it's perfectly ok to use dimensions from that one facttable. However - if your model has 2 or more facttables, you will need dimension tables to query the facttables. 

    Using columns from one of your facttables as dimensions and measures from another facttable is not supported.

    Hope it makes sense :-)

  • Hi Niels

    It makes sense - but it still doesn't work and I'm not quite sure I understand what the problem is. I have compared my cube to another cube and I use the same method (at least I think so :-) ). 

    I have made a format on both my datasources to separate dimensions and measures and included both of them, furthermore I've made a 'key' to connect the datasoruces. At first it looks like this cube is working, but when I start using criteria (yellow) I have the same problem as before - measure wont be showing for both measuretabels). Down below you can see my cube


     The cube I have compared to looks like this (↡), and when I use the marked dimesion as a criteria it works perfect with both measuretabels. I think the structure of the cubes is basicly the same - so I don't understand why it works in one  and not the other


    I hope you have an idea of what's wrong


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