ETL "Retry Strategy Settings"


I recently ran an ETL and then stopped it before it finished, it had an error/exit code as expected saying it was stopped but also had "Retry strategy settings: 0 times with 0 minute interval". 

I have never seen this before and haven't seen anything about it, what exactly is this and is there a way to configure it in the ETL? Is there new documentation on these new features?

Excited to see where this leads to!



  • Hi Tyler,

    I think you are seeing something that we introduced in the ETL tool with the 2021 RTM release.

    Here is the wording from the change log:

    "Added options to specify number of attempts to run a script in case of an error.

    It is possible to specify the number of attempts to run the script before it fails the execution. A timeout option is also available to specify the time delay between the runs. Can be found in script's properties."

    So, if it fails running the first time, you can set it to retry x number of times with y number of minutes between each retry. In some cases, this will be a workable solution. The default setting (0) means that it will only try a single attempt according to the script schedule.

    I found it as a property to the project itself (click in empty space of the project) - see screenshot:

  • Ole,

    Thank you for your reply, this is great!

    We were wanting this feature for a while now, will definitely be put to use!


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