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I have som users that don't have a license for MS office, but they still need to export/save to som sort of *.xlsx file
for different purposes. pushing the excel button only try to open excel. 

is there som kind of setting in regedit or on the server I don't know off that can help the user





  • Hi Jkmogensen,

    You need to have some kind of software installed in order to be able to use the Excel export function. I was facing the same issue as I'm operating TARGIT decision suite on a server and not locally on my pc. Downloading the free OpenOffice software has solved the issue for me.



  • Hi steffi

    thanks - I have thought of that, but it's very few users in a citrix enviroment, so I have to find a different solution.
    - i even tried to adjust windows filetypes so notepad is the program for *.xls and then rename the file  extension after saving. but that is not really a good solution for the average end user :-)

    I'll probably just buy the office license only for that purpose


  • FYI

    I ended up using targit anywhere - the user gets to choose "save as" and from then on they
    can move the file to the place they want.




  • Hi Jacob,

    Thanks for letting everyone know about this simple solution. From the original post, it was not clear to me that it was the Designer client that was in use.

    However, in the Designer client you can actually also choose 'save as' instead of the default behavior of opening directly in Excel.

    Notice: These screenshots are from the 2021 version.

    In the File menu, using the Excel dropdown (small black triangle) you get these options:

    • Open - means 'Open directly in Excel' and requires Excel to be installed.
    • Save - means 'Save the export as a .xlsx file' and does not require Excel to be installed.

    Also, if you right-click an object and go for the Data / Export option, you can choose the 'Custom Excel export'. Not that you need to customize anything, but this option also seem to just let you save the export as an .xlsx file to a file location of your choice.

    BR / Ole

  • Hi Ole

    We are using this version:

    an update will be strongly considered :-)

    BR / Jacob


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